• Benjamin Moore's 2016 color of the year is “Simply White” OC-117. This simple giant is an essential element for any home and easy to work with.

    “The color white is transcendent, powerful and polarizing – it is either taken for granted or obsessed over,” said Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore Creative Director in a press release. “White is not just a design trend, it is a design essential. The popularity of white, the necessity of white, the mystique of white is quantifiable in our industry. Of the top ten best-selling Benjamin Moore colors, variants of white occupy five spots. It was inevitable that we would ultimately recognize white as our Color of the Year.”

    White pulls you in.  Use it to draw your eye to a pop of color on one wall in your space or to a colorful piece of furniture. A white room will create a light and airy space.

    Homeowners love white in the kitchen especially on the cabinets.  White gives the kitchen a crisp, clean look and the color works well in any style from traditional to contemporary.  We like the look of this white kitchen with its rich dark flooring.

    Bathrooms are another favored spot to use the color white in.  A white bathroom embodies purity and hygiene.  In our classic white bathroom we like to highlight with a contrasting element like a color accent in the tile or a little color in the walls or countertop. It creates a quiet elegance.

    Homeowners still prefer the timeless tradition of using white for trim, crown molding, wainscoting and baseboard molding.  Using white paint on the trim enhances the space’s size and shape.

    Don’t let the color white fool you.  It has subtle nuances that can be difficult to get just right.  As a Certified True Color Expert through Maria Killam’s training course, I had a course book titled “White is Complicated.” I can teach you how out of the thousands of whites which ones will work the best in your home.

    White is so clean, bright and fresh - what more could you ask for.