• In the designer/client relationship it’s vital to learn to identify, assess and articulate the client’s needs into a design. In the course of our relationship, we meet with the client and go over their needs and their desired outcome, then we assimilate and translate that information to create a design that fits their social and personal lifestyle.

    In a designer showhouse, we have no direct criteria requirements from the client other than limitations set by the owner of the property or the operating committee of the Mansion in May team.  So, the design is basically left to us.

    This flexibility allows us to stretch ourselves and think outside the box. We love that. It also gives us a chance for one-on-one feedback from the thousands of people visiting the Mansion.  This feedback is invaluable. 

    And that feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  When you think outside the box you take a chance and we are so happy that the visitors feel we got it right.

    Our initial concept for our room began when we decided we wanted to bring a fresh new transitional look to our space.  When we saw the 3-D wallpaper we were so excited and used the wallpaper as our inspiration.  Visitors to the Mansion have really been drawn to the wallpaper.  Some touching it not believing that it is wallpaper. They wanted to know if you could do a whole room in a 3-D wallpaper. Of course.

    A big draw has been the Hunter Douglas Pirouette shade. It’s basically an iShade.  That’s right – an intelligent shade that you can program from an app to your tablet or phone. Visitors have been blown-away by the technology.  Almost every person wants to know where to get one.  We’ve had such fun instructing people how to use the shade and letting them operate it from our iPad.

    The tile herringbone carpeting has also been another hit.  Visitors can’t believe it’s carpet.  As well as the teal paint color on the walls with the unique crown molding and lighting accenting the beautiful gold ceiling paint.  They love the colors. Even our accessories and furniture have caught their eyes.  The Etagere has been a hit as well as the 3-D art work.

    It’s has been an uplifting experience enjoying the room with the visitors.  “What a great space.  You really put a lot of thought into every last detail.  Amazing!”  We like to thank everyone for making this such a rewarding experience for us.