• Energize your home by bringing in textures and colors from nature.  What could be better than picking up from nature’s striking canvas? 

    Look outside and use what nature so easily pairs together like a muted terracotta with a vibrant turquoise or a muted seafoam with peacock blue. Using natural elements in your décor can create a peaceful feeling in your space.

    Look at what materials resonate with your own style. You can choose from wood, cotton, or leather to help bring in the outdoors into your space.  Stone doesn’t just have to go on the fireplace.  If you’d like a more rugged look to your home put a natural rock in your kitchen and/or bath.  Brick is another outdoor element that you can use in your décor on a focal wall or a fireplace.

    A wood floor can be a sophisticated mahogany or a casual oak to bring that natural element to any space.  Wood isn’t limited to the floor it can be use on the ceiling as paneling, or beamed or coffered.   Try using a seagrass rug on top of your wooden floor to anchor a seating area for a double punch of nature.

    You can bring in nature through your furnishings too. Use a caned-back bench next to a large window area to allow the light in through a beautiful natural element. Or look to artisan crafted furniture for a rustic or country appeal to your space. If you prefer a traditional look try antique wood furniture.  For a contemporary look use wood furniture with minimal lines that is free from ornamentation.

    Nature puts color together better than anything else. So when you are trying to decide what color palette to use look outside.  Nature combines colors in a harmonious and pleasing way and can inspire you to try something different.

    Of course the biggest natural element of all is the sun.  Open those blinds and shades and let the best rays of light into your home.