• I’m so excited to share our newest endeavor.  We were invited to participate in the 2017 Mansions in May Designer Showhouse!  When we got the call we immediately went into MIM mode.

    The first step was to look at the space to see if it was even remotely possible to get it done in the time frame needed, given the fact that the space was a men’s bathroom – yes, even complete with old toilet and urinal!

    My first thought was to keep it a bathroom and just renovate it.  When Susan and I discussed it she thought it was the perfect project for us given the fact that our specialty is doing that.  We pride ourselves on constantly trying to implement the “use what you have” philosophy when working with clients that are trying to redecorate.  This project was right up our ally!

    I opened my contact list and began choosing vendors that we would help us with this process.  Given our short timeframe, we must keep the project on task - we were playing catch up.  Working with our reliable network is a must.

    The following week was filled with meeting our contributors in the space and putting together a realistic time frame.  I am happy to say that by the end of the week we lined up our contractor, painter, wallpaper hanger, floor guy, chose the furniture, paint, lighting, rugs and decided on a floor plan. 

    This was all accomplished with the help of Susan and Karen.  I am so happy to work with these two amazing ladies.  We divided and conquered each task, and I am happy to say that we accepted the invitation and will be part of the 2017 Mansion in May at Alnwick Hall - The Abbey at 355 Madison Avenue in Morristown.

    Mansion in May is the signature fund raising event for the Women’s Association of the Morristown Medical Center.  The funds raised by Mansion in May 2017 will l go towards the establishment of the Center for Nursing Innovation and Research at Morristown Medical Center.

    Please be sure to stop by our space during the month of May.  We are space # 23 - The Hideway…and stay tuned to see how our transformation continues. And one little hint…we decided not to go the route of a bathroom…..