• Linen is everywhere right now from upholstery to bedding to window treatments. Long the fabric of Pharaohs, and one of the oldest textiles, linen has been used in the home for centuries.  It is versatile and elegant and gives any space a natural beauty.

    Don’t just think of linen in tablecloths and napkins. Its appeal is in its textural richness and complements contemporary as well as traditional design. Linen is made from fibers of the flax plant and was once used as a symbol of affluence. Flax is the strongest natural fiber used in interior decorating and is an excellent choice for upholstery as well as the most ecological for a natural living environment.

    It is considered a firm lustrous fabric in the same category as cotton and silk and used to weave intricate damask and jacquard patterns.  The lightweight and versatile fabric is always in style and adds a touch of sophistication to any room.

    Linen is perfect for your bedding.  It has anti-allergic properties that are recommended for people with skin diseases and for children.  It is bacteria resistant also.  It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It has a distinct texture and a softness that becomes even softer and shinier with every washing and is twice as durable as cotton.

    It is also a perfect pick for shades and soft draperies.  Linen holds its shape and drapes well allowing air to flow through it. It is at its most striking when light filters through the fabric. 

    Linen wallpaper imparts a soothing texture and is pleasing to the eye.  It is often ornamented with real embroidery and woven threads. There are even linen-styled wallpapers that can be left in its natural white shade or painted to match your décor.

    Linen is a non-allergenic, and does not cause irritation or allergies when used in furnishings and curtains.  It also provides some protection against UV radiation.  The fabric is fade resistant and colorfast so it can be used near windows without the fear of fading.  Most linens are dry clean only.

    Next time you are thinking about a new couch or bedding look at linen.  It’s not just for tea towels.