• Transitional design is hot!  It’s that beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary to form one cohesive look for a room, or your entire home.

    The design follows a neutral color palette combining curved furnishings with straight-lined.  It needs finesse to successfully combine the two styles – not too heavy a hand either way. The result is a space that is relaxing and uncomplicated.

    Besides a neutral color palette, you want to incorporate some textural elements in the design such as wood, glass, lacquer, rattan, fabric, steel and metal.  Also, limit the use of accessories.  One large art piece on the wall will work better in this design than an arrangement of small accessories.

    A fun design element is a statement light fixture, maybe an oversized chandelier, with the minimal accessories in the space will create a sense of simplicity and sophistication.

    Let’s say you’d like to update your traditional living room and bring in some pieces to give the room that transitional style.  First, you can paint the room a neutral color.  Decide what furniture you want to keep and empty out the room except for those pieces.  If you decide to keep your sofa and it has a curved design, add some clean-lined chairs in a soft neutral color.  Hang one large painting on a focus wall.  And bring in a metal lighting fixture with some wood or crystal embellishments, or an oversized chandelier.

    In the dining room try mixing a modern table with upholstered chairs in a traditional fabric and modern lighting. Again, keeping the paint color of the room neutral.

    In the bedroom, you could combine a carved wood bed with sleek metal furnishings in a neutral color theme. Lighten the draperies with soft panels and feather weight shades. Or reverse the look with carved wooden furniture and modern, clean-lined bed.

    The idea in transitional design is to select design features from traditional and contemporary that complement each other. We love transitional style and can help you on a design that keeps some of your furnishings and we’ll help you bring in just the right elements to create a space that is aesthetically harmonious, so you can relax or entertain with ease.