• It’s move-in day!  We have looked forward to this day for months - when our design all comes together.

    Wood, metal, stone, leather and other natural fibers add texture and depth to any room and bring an extension of nature into your home.  We love the natural and organic appeal of everything in nature and have incorporated as many of these items as possible into our space. 

    Our largest piece of furniture, the Hoop Etagere, has the metal and marble from nature.  It is our pop of pizzazz in our space and is made from polished stainless steel with marble shelving.   The Etagere is a popular addition to any room for showing off your accent pieces and your keepsakes.  This Etagere is a very unique transitional piece of furniture that can be used throughout the home and mixes well with traditional furniture also.

    The Etagere combines beautifully with the rustic but modern hair-on-hide accent chair by Butler. Continuing the natural element with the white and brown hide chair with stainless steel frame. 

    Light is a part of nature and statement lighting is a popular trend right now. We have brought both into our room with the oversized chandelier by Regina Andrews.  The Satellite Turquoise Chandelier adds a pop of color and whimsy to the space.  

    Our metal console by Uttermost, small metal and marble side tables and our game table and two acrylic chairs complete the furniture pieces in the space. Even in a space this small you can still have several pieces of furniture.

    Most of the furniture in our room contains some natural elements. Incorporating organics into a design can evoke an array of positive emotions from excited and motivated to calm and soothed, making them perfect for any personality or design. We love to bring the outside in and make it a part of our designs.  We’re very excited to share our space with you.

    We’d like to thank Staiano’s Furniture in Califon for providing these amazing pieces and helping us achieve our design. We are so grateful to be part of this amazing charity fundraiser and hope you all enjoy your stroll through the Mansion.