• We have started gutting our space!  Getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. The goal is to remove all the men’s bathroom fixtures including the urinal, toilet, and vanity and prepare the walls and floor for the new design.

    It’s the fun part of the project.  Loud but satisfying.  Our team removed the old vanity and sink, as well as the toilet, and urinal, with the water off, of course.  They removed all the doors, molding, mirrors, unneeded plumbing, and wiring getting the room to a blank canvas for us to begin our design.  That includes preparing the floor, walls and ceiling for paint, wallpaper and carpeting.

    The large mirror over the vanity was exceptionally heavy and had to be removed very carefully.  All the fixtures must be returned and reinstalled undamaged to the space after the event is over. Not only do the fixtures have to be reinstalled, but we are gingerly taking down the original crown molding and trim, which will also have to be returned. The custom molding had been stained to match the door of the men’s bathroom.

    Once the space is cleared you can see it’s bones. This is the point where your design really takes shape.  Unfortunately, it also usually presents a few problems you weren’t anticipating. When the toilet was removed, we realized that the floor was not level. We have a great team and they figured out a way to level the floor without making any structural changes to the space.  All structural changes need prior authorization in the designer showhouse.

    We are required to have a fire alarm and strobe light in our room, but we have no control over its location in the space.  This could be a challenge once the alarm and light are installed given how small the space is.

    Whatever challenges present themselves, we are delighted to be a part of this wonderful charity event and look forward to beginning our design on the space.