• The allure of rich and bold blooms anchored in dark luxuriously-textured fabrics are making their way back into style. These are not your grandmother’s florals. The florals are reinterpreted, modern and transitional, and definitely not Victorian.

    The wallpaper designed by Ellie Cashman is a dramatic and large-scale wallpaper inspired by the still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age. Cashman, a U.S. born, Netherlands-based designer launched her business in 2013, after her "Dark Floral" pattern went viral on Pinterest.

    When you’re in a room wallpapered with this design, you can see the amazing details with its high contrast between dark and light creating almost a three-dimensional effect. The design will bring depth to any space.  If you go with such a bold wallpaper, keep the rest of your design simple in neutral color palettes.

    You can bring in this darker floral design in your furniture choices.  Below we have featured a stunning chair from Anthropologie. The Alistair Printed Chair with its many colors will complement almost any room.

    Below we feature a hand-painted French Country Bombay Chest in the dark floral style.  It would be perfect in a bedroom, an entry way or a living room.

    A dark floral rug could anchor a room and bring in a gorgeous pop of color.  Below we are showing a black magnolia wool area rug.

    If you like the idea of incorporating these newer dark florals, but want to try it out on a smaller level use some throw pillows. The dark pastel throw pillow featured below will make any space look incredible.  It is the perfect touch for any couch, living room, window seat or bedroom.

    You can also bring in these fabulous florals on trays and use them on coffee tables, side tables and ottomans.  The tulip tray below is from Ella Eco.com.  

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