• 10,9,8…

    Mansion in May, the Women’s Association of Morristown Medical Center’s signature fundraiser, is almost upon us and the activity at the mansion is delirious.

    Everywhere you look there are carpenters, carpet installers, tile installers, painters, construction workers and designers scrambling to get this mansion into tip-top shape. People are swirling everywhere. The mansion’s operation committee does a great job orchestrating all the chaos. They even know the best restaurants in the area.

    We love the mayhem with all the energy and excitement it brings. Every time we go to work on our room, we feel this almost tangible kinetic vitality come over us. We are honored to be a part of this amazing fundraiser and we are thrilled to be working alongside some of the most creative people in the area.

    Our room was the mansion’s men’s bathroom and we are turning it into a room for young adults to relax and unwind when they’re home from college. We call it “The Hideaway.” Last week was demolition week. We removed the toilet, vanity, urinal and all other bathroom related items.

    This week we are refurbishing the walls, floor and ceiling stripping away the old to make way for our new design. Of course, there is always some complication in every stage of the design. This week the fire marshal required emergency lighting in all the spaces in the mansion. Unfortunately, the emergency lighting ended up creating a large hole in the closet area. We are concerned because our window will look into the closet and we wanted the backdrop of the window to feel fresh and clean. To ensure our vision, we will be using a fire-retardant fabric as the backdrop to the window to give it a clean look. And, of course, we will be patching the hole.

    As all construction and priming stages are being completed, we are really looking forwarding to beginning our design. We can’t wait to start the painting and wallpapering. Counting down to the opening….