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    We installed our accent 3D wall covering this week and it looks fabulous.  It gives our small space the illusion of added depth and it really pops against the teal paint. The 3D wall covering gives the wall a modern, tactile and visual feature with a touch of whimsy. The 3D wall covering is by Wallquest from Ricciardi Design Studios.

    Our carpet specialist also finished laying the tile rug in a herringbone pattern.  It’s a modern twist that blends beautifully with our 3D wall covering. The carpet has various shades of teal highlighting the teal painted on the walls.

    The last feature to be completed this week was the installation of our window treatment. We placed a faux window where the closet had been and had lights added behind the window to mimic outdoor light.  We wanted to present a technical advancement in our choice of window treatment and picked a Hunter Douglas Pirouette shade.

    The Hunter Douglas window treatment is an intelligent shade you can program through an app on your tablet or smartphone.  You can move your window treatments to the exact position you want and then control and schedule them using your devices. The shade can be programmed to close when it senses a certain amount of light hitting the window.  You can also program the shade in several predesignated times to either open or close either completely or at different levels.  For example, if you tend to sleep later on Saturday you can program the shade to open at a different time from the work week.  It’s also great when you’re on vacation because you can alternate the times every day that the shade opens or closes. Click here to view a video on how this fabulous technology works.

    The window treatment uses soft fabric vanes that are attached to sheer backing. That gives the appearance of floating and draws natural light into the room. It brings a modern and fresh feel to the room. The new technology and the latest fabrics give the perfect ambiance to any space all day long.

    Next week we will be decorating our space.  We’re almost there….