• 4,3…


    Another week closer to the opening of Mansion in May 2017 at Alnwick Hall.  And what a week it was!

    As the paint dries in our space we can see the amazing job Nico from Cabrera Painting did, especially on the ceiling – the gold color just glows.  It’s simply beautiful.

    This week we are anxiously awaiting our custom window treatment for our faux window.  The window treatment, Hunter Douglas Pirouette Shade, adds a modern sophisticated touch that is controlled by an app on the smartphone or iPad. A technical plus for any college age student used to the latest in technology.  We met with Rick Trover from Interchange Technologies to verify that our devise is compatible with the Wi-Fi in the mansion to ensure the window treatment will work properly. We can’t wait to see the finished effect after installation next week.

    In our design, we have a pub table with Lucite chairs. The Lucite gives a touch of Hollywood Regency glamour.  We love to mix this modern material with our transitional style.  Lucite has been trending in the design field for a few years and is still a favorite accent for any space.

    Along with the Lucite chairs we have used gold accents in the ceiling, on the walls and as accessories. According to Brimar, “Gold is back. It’s exploding everywhere.” Along with a design phenomenon that Brimar’s loves is combining gold metal with clear Lucite. “It’s glamorous, modern, light and airy.”  And we agree!

    The great thing about gold as an accent color is that it can be paired with practically anything. When it comes to adding gold, the power of the overall effect is in the placement. Don’t overdo it, just trust that purposefully placed accent pieces throughout the space will deliver the sleek and subtle glamour to your room.

    Next week we will install the window treatment and put up the wallpaper.  Our space is really coming together….