• Color Consultation

  • Whether you are painting a room or your entire home, Re-Feather Your Nest Decorating can guide you on the best color options for your space.  

    Color is the most visual element in your home.  We set up an initial consultation with you and walk through the space and surrounding rooms noting all furnishings.  Daytime is a preferable time for the consult because the natural light has an impact on the color choice.

    Your space’s functionality, your lifestyle and your personal taste are factors we consider when selecting your perfect palette.

    We’ll not only help you choose the ideal colors for your space or home, we’ll also share affordable techniques that can enhance your rooms and make them look more sophisticated.

    Our knowledge of the various paint products together with our experience will bring a new luster to your home.  A fresh coat of paint makes any space look new and the right color combinations can unify the space with its surroundings.  

    We will then provide you with a proposed palette with specific paint colors that includes ideas for finishes and other factors.  

    Whether you’re repainting, or picking a fresh palette of colors for a brand new home, we can save you time and money — and give you that fabulous, well-coordinated look you want.

    Contact us today to schedule your Color Consultation.

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