• Opening Night Gala at Alnwick Hall – The Abbey

    On Saturday, April 22, 2017, the doors swung open and Mansion in May 2017 at Alnwick Hall – The Abbey officially commenced.  This special evening began with the guests touring the newly decorated

    Even a faux window needs a treatment.  We just love the new app technology.

    As we were working on our space for Mansion in May called "The Hideaway," we thought it might be fun to show you some of the new technology out there for window treatments. The following video

    Countdown to Alnwick Hall – The Abbey, Mansion in May 2017 (Part 4)

    2… We installed our accent 3D wall covering this week and it looks fabulous.  It gives our small space the illusion of added depth and it really pops against the teal paint. The 3D wall covering

    Adding Color to Your Room Using Window Treatments

    I was really excited when I learned Greenery was Pantone’s color of the year.  It's always interesting when working with people to see how passionate they can be with colors.  It has been my

    Decorating Your First Home

    When you move from your family’s home and begin to create your own life, it can seem overwhelming.  Where do you begin?  A few years ago, I had a chance to help a young woman fashion a home for

    Preparing Your Home for Sale and Transitioning to Your New Home

    We have teamed up with several builders and have held events to help people address the process of downsizing. These events were widely attended as empty nesters begin the process of selling their

    Getting the Nursery Ready for Your New Baby

    Whether this is your first child or your fifth child, every precious bundle desires a little space just for them. Here are a few things we have found that helped parents to be who were overwhelmed

    Everything you need to know about shutters

    Here is a quick and easy guide on shutters and how to properly use them.  Shutters have been around for a long time initially to protect windows. Now shutters are not only functional, but have become

    Shore Inspired Decorating

    The beach brings to mind a casual and relaxing vibe.  Why not bring a little of that beach vibe into your home this summer with some shore inspired décor?  Anyone, no matter where they live, can