• Fall Magic

    4 Oct 2016
    Fall Magic

    Nature always reminds us when it’s time for a change.  Just look outside. As the leaves begin turning color and the temperature cools, it's time to say goodbye to hot summer days and add a few

    It’s Time to Get Back Outside on National Gardening Exercise Day

    It’s time to dust off the patio furniture, power wash the deck and plant some flowers. It’s an exciting time of the year as we move outdoors and enjoy nature, but it’s also good for us.  Being

    sunset.com Throw open those outside doors and windows and get ready for summer. Opening up your outside area gives you another space to entertain in and gives you a chance to enjoy the amazing

    Take the dark out of long dark winter's night with a well-lit outdoor landscape.  You can enjoy your outdoor area longer in the evening with a well-thought out plan. Start your exterior lighting

    Better Homes & Gardens We've spent the last six months outside, now it's time to bring the last remnants of nature inside before winter's arrival.   Better Homes & Gardens Take some

    Accessorizing the Outside for Fall - Part II:  The Front Porch and Walkways

    The Fall season is the perfect time to highlight your front entranceway.  I usually begin with a wreath on the front door and coordinate all the other accessories around the wreath.  If you prefer a

    Accessorizing the Outside for Fall - Part I:  Your Patio or Deck

    It's still warm enough to enjoy your outside space during the fall season, so freshen it up with some fall accessories. Put away your summer cushions and pillows on your outside furniture and replace

    Mum's the Word

    13 Sep 2013
    Mum's the Word

    As summer passes into fall and our beautiful outside flowers start to fade it's time to think Mums. Mums are, without a doubt, nature's way of prolonging the beauty of our outside patios and

    Enjoy the end of summer with friends and family this Labor Day weekend with a outdoor party.   Entertaining outside is easy and fun with less preparation then your inside entertaining. You can

    In Full Bloom

    9 Aug 2013

    The use of flowers in outdoor entertaining is just as important as indoor entertaining.  The  arrangements don't need to be as formal, or as intricate as your indoor arrangements, but are still an