• Decorating a Home

  • What if we told you Re-Feather Your Nest Decorating could help eliminate a lot of the tension and headaches associated with moving? Would you want to learn more?

    Our Move-In Ready Service will help eliminate the stress of buying a new home.

    We give you a comprehensive, yet easy-to-implement decorating guide for your new home before you move. As IRN professionals we will work with you to decide which furnishings to take, what may need to be bought, and where to put everything. With a detailed plan in place you’ll feel more relaxed, plus save time and money with movers.

    If you’ve already moved into your new space, we can help you make the most of existing pieces, and give you a plan that can be implemented as you have the time and money.

    Our Move-In Ready Services and Decorative Services will allow you to enjoy your new home without all the stress. See tab on right marked Move-In Ready Services for more information about our service.

    Contact Re-Feather Your Nest Decorating early on in the moving process to dramatically reduce the stress and turmoil on move-in day and beyond.